We’re Running Out of Ways to Say “Funding Negotiations Continue on Capitol Hill”

Pithy headlines about the status of negotiations are becoming redundant as congressional lawmakers continue talks on both another round of coronavirus relief legislation and a longer-term funding bill for FY 2021. Despite optimism early in the week about the progress of these discussions, a growing slate of policy-related stumbling blocks—including a mid-week scramble over the inclusion of nutrition programs—have stymied quick progress on each effort.

At this point we are fairly confident that additional funding for OAA Title III C programs will be included in an eventual compromise, but we are not sure what those funding levels will be. Additionally, we are nearly certain that a final deal will not include either additional federal funding for state Medicaid programs or aid to state and local governments. Those two issues could be addressed in a legislative package early next Congress, but it is too soon to speculate.

It is also increasingly likely that Congress will miss today's deadline to either pass another short-term funding extension or a longer-term FY 2021 funding bill, which would lead to a temporary government shutdown of a few hours or days. However, leaders in Congress are planning to work over the weekend to hash out final details on the funding proposals, with a goal to wrap up all work early next week. As soon as we have details confirmed about both an FY 2021 funding bill and another virus response bill, we will share details via an n4a Legislative Update for n4a members. 



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