Congress Close to Wrapping Up Major Spending Bills

As the year winds down, Congress is tackling several major pieces of legislation, hoping to pass them in one large measure. A final FY 2021 appropriations omnibus is poised to move next week, although Congress had to buy themselves more time this week by passing a seven-day continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown on December 11. 

Several of n4a's top 2020 priorities are included in this must-pass list: maximum funding for FY 2021, additional COVID-19 relief funds and extensions of key health provisions. See our December 3 letter to Congress for details on all of these priorities.
At press time, congressional leaders continue to negotiate on a roughly $1 trillion COVID-relief package, which would likely move with the FY 2021 omnibus. 
Details on that package are not yet public, but we do expect that the health provisions will also move with the spending bills.



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