Emergency Medication Delivery
Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens | Cedar Bluff, VA
Sunday, July 26, 2020
Section: COVID-19 Resources

After clients began reaching out to Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens (AASC) with concerns about visiting pharmacies to pick up their prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, AASC staff brainstormed ways they might be able to help older adults who live in rural areas where pharmacies may not deliver. After talking with pharmacies AASC had existing relationships with, AASC staff developed an emergency medication delivery policy that allows AASC staff to pick up a client’s prescription from the pharmacy and deliver it to the older adult’s home following a client request. Given that the local pharmacies have worked with AASC for years, AASC already has a delivery policy in place for its PACE program and AASC staff have undergone background checks, the pharmacies felt comfortable that AASC staff would be able to follow the appropriate medication delivery chain of control.
The emergency medication delivery policy was put into place on April 1 with the support of the agency’s care coordination case management staff and PACE drivers designated as staff who would pick up and deliver medications when needed. With PACE drivers assisting AASC with meal delivery during the pandemic and already familiar with medication chain of control—as many PACE participants bring medication with them to the PACE program—AASC staff determined PACE drivers could assist with medication delivery when delivering food to clients. After an AASC delivery request is completed, some of the pharmacies AASC is working with plan to call and follow up with the individual.
The agency developed the policy as a safety net for any older adults who live outside their pharmacy delivery area, but the preferred delivery method remains the pharmacy delivering. To view AASC’s delivery policy and template delivery form, visit the n4a COVID-19 Peer Resources page.