National Updates on COVID-19: Nutrition Resources and Capacity
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Section: COVID-19 Resources

Because helping older adults meet their nutrition needs has always been central to the mission of AAAs, n4a is working to help our members ensure that older adults in their communities have access to nutritious food, particularly as the nation weathers the COVID-19 national health crisis.

As we shared last week, n4a members and their providers can now access discounted food products from n4a partner Tivity Health to help fill any gaps during this time of increased need due to COVID-19. Read more

In addition to that new opportunity, n4a is in regular contact with major national nutrition providers so that we can bring you the latest information relating to their current capacity. Please note that in this challenging time, the nutrition items available today may not be available next week, so please be sure to confirm by contacting the companies directly.
Here are high-level updates that three of our nutrition partners shared with us recently. 

GA Foods
GA Foods reports that it has continued to reliably serve its customers since the beginning of the pandemic. To improve efficiency, GA Foods has narrowed its product selection for orders exceeding normal volumes. Potential new customers can select from the GA Foods 7-day shelf stable kits that can be shipped by the pallet load to any location in the continental U.S. Minimum size orders apply. 

For more information, contact Frank Kneen,, 727.388.0006 or go to
Mom's Meals
Mom’s Meals reports that it is leveraging its hardworking employees and multiple facilities to continue supporting the increased demand from existing agencies and vulnerable individuals without experiencing any service interruptions. Currently, Mom’s Meals has the ability to support a couple of new contracts, although in these unpredictable times, capacity fluctuates from one day to the next.  

For more information, contact John Phillips, VP of National Programs, 310.567.3000, or go to

TRIO Community Meals
TRIO Community Meals is pleased to be offering the n4a network shelf-stable meals in a five-meal variety box. TRIO wants you to know you can purchase with confidence, as TRIO is a leader in senior nutrition and is working hard to support the community during these unprecedented times.

For more information and to order meals, visit