Contracting Dos & Don’ts: New Toolkit Clarifies the Basics of Contracting with Health Care
Friday, June 26, 2020
Section: June Associate Newsletter

n4a’s Aging and Disability Business Institute has released the first parts of its new Contracting Toolkit, a resource that will help aging and disability CBOs prepare for health care contracting by exploring the critical elements of this work. The two newly released publications, Contracting Dos and Don’ts and A Lexicon of Contracting Terms, cover the basics of health care contracting and will help readers identify and understand contract fundamentals.
When health care entities contract with aging and disability CBOs to support the needs of older adults and people with disabilities, they can help improve health outcomes and create cost savings. However, contracting with health care entities can prove challenging if you're not prepared for the various elements and stages of CBO–health care contracting. The Business Institute's new Contracting Toolkit helps aging and disability CBOs do just that!

In addition to Contracting Dos and Don'ts and A Lexicon of Contracting Terms, the Contracting Toolkit will eventually include two forthcoming publications Insurance in Contracting and Information Technology Requirements, Protocols and Standards for Contracting Resource Guide.

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