n4a Comments on Senate's Draft Bill to Reauthorize OAA
Thursday, June 27, 2019
by: n4a

Section: June Associate Newsletter

Earlier this month, the bipartisan Senate group working to reauthorize the Older Americans Act released a draft bill making modest changes to current OAA programs and services. n4a fully supports the ongoing bipartisan effort to achieve reauthorization and several of the proposals in the draft bill, but provided extensive comments about the legislation given the breadth of OAA programs and services that the Aging Network administers.
n4a's comments focused on the need to avoid placing onerous requirements on the Aging Network and ensuring that changes to the Act do not have unintended harmful consequences for older adults and caregivers receiving services and supports.

Advocates can find tools and resources for their own OAA advocacy efforts at n4a.org/OAA.

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