Resources to Help Grandfamilies
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Section: May Associate Newsletter

The needs of grandfamilies are often large and always complicated, even in good times. Add online learning, stay-at-home precautions and reduced access to services and supplies, and you have a population in need of extra help, now! As n4a members continue to serve these particularly stretched family caregivers, n4a partner Generations United has new resources that can help.
The following resources are designed specifically for a consumer audience of older adults who are kinship caregivers and—especially in the COVID-19 crisis—juggling their own health and safety needs with children's emotional, academic and physical needs, as well as the professionals who support these families.

Fact Sheets on COVID-19 for Grandfamilies (English and Spanish Versions): This resource includes not only factual information about COVID-19, but practical tips on navigating life during a pandemic, including information on talking to kids about COVID-19, accessing food and medicines and taking care of yourself in a stressful time.    
CARES Act and Grandfamilies Guide: GU also produced a guide on what's in the CARES Act that can help support grandfamiles.
Intergenerational Programs and Physical Distancing Guide: On a related note, we recommend you check out GU's guide to physical distancing in intergenerational programs, which contains numerous suggestions on how to continue intergenerational engagement in this new era.
n4a and GU Webinar: On May 21, n4a and GU held a webinar on how the Aging Network can best support older adults raising grandchildren or other young relatives during this tumultuous time. During the webinar, experts from Generations United highlighted the trends in these families' current and emerging needs and shared ideas for aging organizations to increase support to these older adults. A grandparent currently raising her grandchildren shared first-hand experience, and other grandfamily and Aging Network experts shared tips and resources.