Social Media Toolkit for COVID-19 Advocacy
Thursday, April 30, 2020
Section: April Associate Newsletter

Following last week’s congressional action on a limited economic relief bill that infused nearly $500 billion into additional funding for small business loan programs, struggling hospital systems and testing for COVID-19, lawmakers are beginning to develop another broader COVID-19 relief package to address many of the priorities that were not included in the March CARES Act. Earlier this month, n4a sent a letter to Senate and House leaders outlining policy issues that we urge lawmakers to consider as Congress develops this next comprehensive relief package—but we need you to weigh in, too!

As Congress debates next steps, lawmakers must hear from local advocates about how important it is to prioritize programs that provide relief and assistance for vulnerable older adults and caregivers in future emergency funding packages. Given that your capacity for advocacy may be limited as you work to meet the changing and increasing needs of older adults during this crisis, n4a created a social media advocacy toolkit focused on the Aging Network’s most urgent priorities for the next COVID-19 relief bill for your organization and your grassroots networks.
To learn more about n4a’s priorities for the next COVID-19 relief package, see this week’s Advocacy Alert.