New Tools to Help Your Agency Address Elder Abuse
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Section: April Associate Newsletter

The STEAP Initiative or Supports and Tools for Elder Abuse Prevention Initiative, a partnership between n4a and the National Center on Elder Abuse, has the mission of both increasing awareness of elder abuse and strengthening elder abuse prevention education and outreach programs.
The Initiative developed as a response to a survey sent to AAAs and Title VI Native American aging programs to determine their knowledge of elder abuse programs—the results were fascinating and showed where more resources were needed throughout the Aging Network.

The goal of the STEAP Initiative is to increase awareness and strengthen elder abuse prevention education and outreach activities in the Aging Network. Responses to the poll provided critical information about the Aging Network's knowledge of existing elder abuse resources and identified gaps in public awareness that may exist in local communities. A summary of the poll provides an interesting overview of major areas identified as needing further information and resources, which shaped the development of the Supports and Tools for Elder Abuse Prevention (STEAP) Initiative Toolkit that is now available for community-based organizations throughout the Aging Network to use in communities around the country.

View a recording of our webinar to learn more about the STEAP initiative.