Emergency Funds Being Deployed to the Aging Network
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Section: April Associate Newsletter

Thanks to tremendous advocacy by n4a, its members and others, Congress provided significant COVID-relief funds for the Older Americans Act in the American Rescue Plan Act, signed by President Biden on March 10. The Biden Administration has also freed up $100 million of CDC funds for the Aging and Disability Networks to support vaccination efforts nationwide.

$50 Million of CDC-ACL Funding Released for Vaccination Support
President Biden announced that $100 million was being provided by the CDC to ACL for the aging and disability networks’ efforts to help vaccinate older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers. This month, ACL announced the release of the $50 million allocation to states for the Aging Network’s vaccination activities, as well as a FAQ to make clear that this funding is to be expended swiftly at the community level for the intended purposes. Check in with your local AAA on the status of this additional funding and offer your help to support the vaccination of older adults!
The American Rescue Plan Act’s OAA funding is expected to be released within the next week by ACL. The Act provided:
  • $460 million for Supportive Services (Title III B), which will be used for continuing traditional III B services, supporting and facilitating vaccinations for older adults, and additional activities to mitigate the risks of prolonged social isolation and loneliness among older adults
  • $750 million for Congregate and Home-Delivered Nutrition Services (Title III C)
  • $25 million for Native American Nutrition, Supportive and Caregiver Services (Title VI, Parts A and C)
  • $44 million for Evidence-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (Title III D)
  • $145 million for National Family Caregiver Support Program (Title III E)
  • $10 million for Title VII Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
n4a is thrilled that these flexible, emergency funds will flow to the Aging Network—and we are especially pleased with the unprecedented investment in III B Supportive Services, a top n4a priority. These levels embody n4a’s longtime advocacy requests and reflect the coordinated advocacy conducted with our advocacy partners in the Aging Network and beyond (January 27 letter on OAA and vaccinesFebruary 2 sign-on letter on III B ask on vaccines).
The included funding is designed to replenish extinguished CARES funds, so that dangerous service cliffs can be avoided or, in cases where funding has already lapsed, service gaps restored amidst the ongoing pandemic. The budget process used to pass this bill means that the OAA funding in the American Rescue Plan Act will not need to be spent within one fiscal year, as it is not appropriated funding, but rather direct funding. More details to come about what flexibilities states, AAAs and Title VI Native American Aging programs will have with these dollars.