Advocacy Underway for FY 2020 Older Americans Act Funding
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Section: April Associate Newsletter

Earlier this month, n4a sent a funding request letter to Capitol Hill outlining the critical OAA programs and other aging services that lawmakers should prioritize as they make choices about federal investments in FY 2020.
n4a emphasized that OAA Title III B Supportive Services, Title III E family caregiver support, Title VI Native American aging programs and SHIP funding should receive robust investments next year.
On April 12, Senator Bernie Sanders was joined by 39 of his Senate colleagues from both sides of the aisle in a Dear Colleague Letter asking Senate appropriators to increase federal FY 2020 funding for Older Americans Act programs by at least 12 percent. This effort comes as appropriations season in Congress is ramping up and on the heels of a bipartisan House letter that received 140 signatures thanks to your grassroots advocacy!

n4a encourages local aging advocates to keep up the drumbeat about the need to make significant investments in critical OAA services—especially OAA Title III B, III E and Title VI programs. For more about actions you can take, see our recent Advocacy Alert and stay tuned for messaging that you can use with your grassroots advocates!
Please take a few moments to send a thank you to your Senator(s) if they signed on to the Senator Sanders Letter. Use the following template language in an email to their district or DC staff.
On behalf of YOUR AGENCY NAME, which serves XXX number of older adults and caregivers in COMMUNITY in STATE, we wanted to say THANK YOU to Senator NAME for supporting the recent Dear Colleague Letter requesting funding increases for Older Americans Act programs and services in FY 2020. 
We so appreciate your boss's support of these critical programs and look forward to working with you as these issues move forward. ADD SOME INFORMATION ABOUT HOW OAA PROGRAMS SUPPORT OLDER ADULTS AND CAREGIVERS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. 
We welcome the Senator and your team to come see our programs in action anytime! Please let us know if there is a time that works. Please don't hesitate to reach out at any time if AGENCY NAME can be a resource for you, and please pass our appreciation on to Senator NAME. 
Thank you again!