New Policy Tools from n4a!
Thursday, April 4, 2019
by: n4a

Section: April Associate Newsletter

n4a has released three new policy tools for your use as you engage with the 116th Congress. What the 116th Congress Needs to Know About an Aging Nation outlines key principles that policymakers should consider when making decisions about an aging America and introduces Older Americans Act reauthorization and funding as important near-term legislative issues.

n4a’s Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act provides the framework for n4a’s reauthorization agenda as the 116th Congress begins the process of updating this foundational law.

Additionally, n4a staff released template language in the February 21 Advocacy Alert so you can develop your own letter to send to your Members of Congress, linking to the two new policy briefs.

n4a’s 2019 Policy Priorities outline the most critical policy conversations facing the Aging Network as a whole and reflect where we think our collective advocacy is most needed in 2019 to promote the health, security and well-being of older adults in every community in our country.

To look up and find contact information for your new and returning Senators and Representatives, go to and