Two New n4a Publications Provide Valuable Insight into AAAs and the Aging Network
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Section: July Associate Newsletter

In a continued effort to highlight the vital role the Aging Network plays in supporting older adults and caregivers in communities around the country, n4a has released two new publications National Survey of Area Agencies on Aging 2020 Report: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Older Adults and the #AAAsAtWork for Older Adults: A Snapshot of Area Agency on Aging Responses to COVID-19 . The information featured in both publications allows n4a to advocate on behalf of the Aging Network and disseminate critical information on trends, patterns and issues to members, policymakers and other Aging Network stakeholders.

Yesterday, n4a released the National Survey of Area Agencies on Aging 2020 Report: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Older Adults and Toolkit. The survey, funded through a grant from the Administration for Community Living, conducted every two to three years in partnership with Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University, tracks trends, innovations and opportunities among AAAs nationally. The report provides valuable insight into how AAAs are adapting and evolving to meet the needs of older adults in their communities.
This data is essential for analyzing policy issues, benchmarking services, supporting requests for funding, preparing local issue briefs, speaking with funders or legislators and more. The toolkit elements help AAAs tell the story of the Aging Network to older adults, caregivers, funders, policymakers and other stakeholders in your state.
As the COVID-19 national health crisis looms large for the Aging Network, we know our members have a lot on their minds. #AAAsAtWork for Older Adults: A Snapshot of Area Agency on Aging Responses to COVID-19 details how our AAA members have risen to the challenge of COVID-19, meeting it with leadership, swift action, flexibility and more—and with the needs of older adults and caregivers at the very forefront. Did you miss n4a's July 9 webinar? Listen/watch the webinar.
The report highlights the results of a recent survey conducted by n4a in mid-May 2020 to deepen our understanding of how our members are responding to the needs of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities—and to learn what their needs might be moving forward, as the Aging Network, along with the nation, grapples with the immediate and long-term effects of COVID-19 on the population it has hit the hardest. The survey results indicate that needs of older adults are growing, with 93 percent of responding AAAs having served more clients since the pandemic began, and 69 percent noting an increased need for supports and services among their existing client base.
To learn more about the National Survey of AAAs 2020 Report, #AAAsAtWork and other n4a publications visit our Resources page.