New Resource from the Aging and Disability Business Institute Highlights a CBO–Health Care Partnership
Thursday, January 30, 2020
Section: January Associate Newsletter

In a continued effort to highlight best practices and draw attention to successful examples of how partnering with health care entities can help CBOs improve health outcomes among older adults and people with disabilities in their communities, a new publication from n4a's Aging and Disability Business Institute highlights the successes Camarillo Health Care District experienced as it navigated a cross-sector partnership to provide HCBS in California.
The Camarillo Health Care District, a public agency committed to providing integrated community-based services in southern California and 2019 runner-up for The John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award, has experience navigating the challenging landscape of health care partnerships. When its partnership with a large health system began, no one told them about the challenges that awaited just around the corner. Yet, through innovative planning and perseverance, the Camarillo team improved health outcomes in its community. This partnership profile features key learnings and takeaways from experiences working with a health system that any CBO can use as a guide to success in a health care partnership.
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