The Census is Coming!
Thursday, December 19, 2019
Section: December Associate Newsletter

With the 2020 Census just around the corner, many n4a members want to take action to ensure that the older adults and caregivers they serve will be counted. Census data is factored into a tremendous number of policy actions and funding formulas, at the federal but also at state and local levels, so it's important that everyone living in the United States on April 1, 2020 is counted. 
The U.S. Census Bureau's 2020 Census website has lots of information on how to support this decennial national effort. Your organization can sign up to be a Census partner, check out the official outreach materials, note the key dates and think about how you can encourage information sharing and accurate counting in your community.
There are several ongoing non-governmental campaigns to support the Census and ensure that traditionally undercounted populations are reached in 2020—and you may find local efforts underway with your usual (or unusual) community partners! Census Counts 2020, for example, is an effort to ensure that minority populations and marginalized communities are reached by the Census, and is taking steps to address the undercounting of certain children—especially those who are being raised or cared for by grandparents (more on that issue). If you find additional resources being used nationally or locally that you like, let us know!