n4a/Anthem, Inc. Survey Highlights Connection between Medicare Education and Positive Health Outcomes for Older Adults
Thursday, September 26, 2019
Section: September Associate Newsletter

n4a, in partnership with Anthem, Inc., released the results of a national survey conducted by The Harris Poll that provides insight into the confidence older Americans have in navigating their health benefits and managing their health. An infographic summarizing the survey findings shows that 59 percent of older adults surveyed reported some difficulty in navigating the health care system, such as understanding their bill/benefits, understanding their diagnosis and deciding on treatment, and communicating effectively with their health care providers.

In two blog entries, n4a CEO Sandy Markwood and n4a President Deborah Stone-Walls examine the survey results—and the important role Medicare education and counseling, like that provided by 85 percent of n4a members and all State Health Insurance Assistance Programs, play in helping older adults and caregivers understand Medicare benefits and navigate the health care process. Read their blog entries, The Connection Between Patient Engagement and Health Outcomes: The Critical Role of AAAs and If You Are Medicare Eligible, Are You Medicare Educated? Learning How to Choose a Plan for the Best Cost, Health Outcomes.