Spread the Word About the 2020 Census in Your Community
Friday, August 28, 2020
Section: August Associate Newsletter

The 2020 Census is well underway and more and more households across America are responding every day. Even in these trying times, it is important to help ensure that older adults in your community are counted. Data collection now ends on September 30—a month earlier due to a Trump Administration decision. It's not too late to encourage older adults in your community to complete the census—online, by phone or by mail.

Responses to the 2020 Census are factored into a tremendous number of policy actions and funding formulas (including Older Americans Act), at the federal, state and local levels, so it's important that everyone living in the U.S. is counted. Census response also shapes decisions about how public funds are spent on schools, fire and emergency services and health care for your community. We encourage n4a members to take action to ensure that the older adults and caregivers you serve will be counted.
For more information visit: 2020census.gov.