HTML Email Templates

If you have the capability to edit HTML, and an email sending service that will accommodate using your own code, please use the included HTML files.

Here’s how you can customize these templates:

  1. Change the first block of text to include the name, date, and location of your vaccination event. Please do not modify the surrounding tag or its style attributes.
  2. Modify the bullet points under “Getting your shots? We’ve got you.” to include your event or clinic information. Make sure to remove the first bullet, “Add event details and services provided here”.
  3. Please update the list of vaccines you will provide at your event. 
  4. Under “Get more help,” change the phone number to your organization’s phone number, and change the link tag around the phone number to be “tel:<your phone number>”. See this page for an example:
  5. Under “Or visit us online at,” replace “{Your Organization Website Here} with the name of your organization and change its link tag to link to your organization website. We do not recommend using your website’s URL as the link text.
  6. If your email sending service has a shortcode for inserting your social media links, place that shortcode where the template file currently says “{Place links to your social accounts here}."

Once you have completed these updates, take a look at the capabilities of your email sending service. Some (MailChimp, for example) allow you to use your own code and to automatically “inline” CSS. If your service does not automatically inline CSS, you’ll need to complete this step manually. This web page has a field that will do that for you:

Copy and paste your HTML (inlined or not, depending on your needs) into the field your service provides for using your own code; make sure your service appends required Unsubscribe and Opt-out information, and send away.

Size: N/A

Distribution: Digital Only

Versions: ALL VACCINES (Can be edited to include vaccines provided)

Audience: People Aged 60+, People with disabilities

Format: HTML

Download Link:

Spanish Versions: