AAA-Health Care Contracting State Reports

USAging’s Aging and Disability Business Institute supports Area Agencies on Aging and other aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs) as they enter into contacts and develop partnerships with health care entities to better serve older adults and people with disabilities. To understand how these relationships grow and change over time, the Business Institute, in partnership with the Scripps Gerontology Center of Excellence at Miami University and with funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation, conducts recurring CBO–Health Care Contracting Surveys.

The surveys collect data from Area Agencies on Aging and other aging and disability CBOs such as Centers for Independent Living and supportive services providers that are contracting with health care. The surveys capture how aging and disability CBOs are partnering and contracting with health care entities by collecting data on partnerships, contracts, services provided, financial impacts of partnerships, contracting challenges and more.

Results from the surveys help the Business Institute develop resources that support CBOs at all stages of their contracting journeys, raise the visibility of CBO partnerships with health care entities, and educate policymakers and health care professionals on the growing capacity of aging and disability CBOs to engage in this of work.

Below are state-level data reports on AAA contracting that the Business Institute has developed for states that had a strong response rate to the 2021 survey. Find the full research report other resources from the CBO–Healthcare Contracting Survey on the Aging and Disability Business Institute website.
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