Introducing USAging

“USAging is a more accurate representation of who we are as an association and what our members do,” said USAging CEO Sandy Markwood. “Our new, more inclusive name reinforces the passion and dedication we have to our members and those they serve. Though we have a new name and look, USAging remains the national membership association for local leaders in aging well at home.” Read our press release.

We are now USAging

While this is a new name and look, we are the same organization. Our new brand reflects who we are and where we and our members have been—and where we are going together in the future.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve represented and supported the national network of Area Agencies on Aging and, since 1988, we’ve advocated for the Title VI Native American Aging Programs. For nearly 50 years, our members—the local leaders on aging—have helped older adults and people with disabilities live with optimal health, well-being, independence and dignity in their homes and communities. Read more in this blog entry from USAging CEO Sandy Markwood.